Create simple minecraft mods (Plugins) without setting up a complete forge development environment.


Clone the blueprint repo version matching the version of SimplePlugins you want to use or download the .zip-Archive of it and extract it (You can rename the directory containing the extracted files to anything you want). The link to the correct blueprint version and the download of the .zip-Archive can be found alongside every release of SimplePlugins.

Inside the directory, run gradlew setupDecompWorkspace to initialize forge. Then, depending on the IDE you use, run gradlew eclipse or gradlew idea genIntellijRuns.

You can now begin creating your plugin:

  • Adjust the build.gradle (group and archiveBaseName ) to your needs.
  • Either delete and start from scratch or rename the default plugin class
  • Enter the name into the manifest attributes

Look at the documentation to get an idea of how achieve certain things.

Bug Reports

Please report any and all issues you encounter while using this mod on the issue tracker. It is important to include the SimplePlugins, Minecraft and Forge version you are using, in your reports/ideas/suggestions.


Many things are already documented right in the source code and the javadoc. For all other things and further research, the documentation of SimplePlugins is available at


Help with the development is highly appreciated, e. g. pull requests, writing missing documentation or adding ideas.

SimplePlugins’s source code is hosted on GitHub at

If you want to work on SimplePlugins, clone the repository from github and initialize the forge modding environment as described above.

Versioning scheme

  • The first number stands for the minecraft version: The first version 1.x was released for MC version 1.12, so version 3.x would refer to MC Version 1.14.
  • The second number stands for added features: For every added feature/release, the number gets increased, i. e the current version is x.0 and a new feature is added, the new version would be x.1.
  • The third number gets increased for every forge update (inside one MC version).
  • The number after the bullet point gets increased after bugfixes.
  • The numbers can only increase for the same MC version, after a new MC Version, all other numbers are reset to 0


Thanks to the Forge project for creating a great framework for modding minecraft. Without forge, this would not be possible.
I had the idea for this mod after I met the Canary project, a framework for creating server side plugins for minecraft. Sadly, the latest version was made for the minecraft version 1.8, which was one of the reasons for me to start this project.

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